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Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants (ALEC)

The Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants is located at the University of Arizona to assist faculty, student and staff researchers working in the field of water sustainability to detect, quantify and speciate organic and inorganic micro-pollutants--including dissolved and nanoparticulate components in complex environmental matrices. website:   www.alec.arizona.edu/index.html

Jon Chorover   Co-Director
520-626-5635   chorover@cals.arizona.edu

Shane Snyder   Co-Director
520-621-2573   snyders2@email.arizona.edu

Gould-Simpson Building
Rooms 828, 848
1040 East 4th Street
Tucson, AZ 85721

Campus Agricultural Center Karsten Turfgrass Research Facility

The 7.5 acres of turfgrass research plots features five United States Golf Association specification putting greens, two-4-meter deep lysimeters, and a weather station based computer controlled irrigation system. The primary irrigation source is tertiary effluent from the city of Tucson.  website:  http://turf.arizona.edu/karsten.htm

2101 E. Roger Rd
Tucson, AZ 85719
phone: 520.318.7142

Maricopa Agricultural Center (MAC)

A 2,100-acre research farm within The College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Our goal is to develop and deliver the best integrated agricultural technologies for problems faced by Arizona consumers and producers. Research focuses on cotton, small grains, alfalfa, and new specialty crops that could be used to provide fibers, oils and pharmaceuticals. The Center also  supports  extension outreach programs, such as Ag-Ventures, various University classes, and  Ag-Literacy for all age groups.

website:  http://cals-mac.arizona.edu/

(520) 374-6380 | F: (520) 374-6394

37860 W. Smith-Enke Rd.

Maricopa, AZ 85138-3010

Superfund Research Program, the University of Arizona

The theme of the University of Arizona Superfund Research Program (UA SRP) is “Hazardous Waste Risk and Remediation in the Southwest.” Our goals are to address the health effects of contaminants of concern in the U.S. Southwest (and Mexico border), and to characterize, contain, and remediate hazardous waste sites. website: superfund.pharmacy.arizona.edu/

Raina Maier, Director, Investigator
(520) 621- 7231   rmaier@ag.arizona.edu

FCS 322/302/303
Gould-Simpson Building
Tucson, AZ, 85721

Water and Energy Sustainable Technology Center (WEST)

The WEST Center is a world renowned venue focused on water and wastewater treatment and monitoring, alternative energy and related technologies. WEST is co-located with the Pima County, brand new 21st Century Water Reclamation Facility, “Agua Nueva.” WEST is also adjacent to reclaimed water recharge basins and constructed wetlands, all of which is part of a Water Reclamation Campus. website:  http://west.arizona.edu/

Dr. Ian Pepper, Co-Director
(520) 626–3328    
ipepper@ag.arizona.eduWET Center logo

Dr. Shane A. Snyder,  Co-Director

2955 W. Calle Agua Nueva
Tucson AZ 85745

Water Resources Research Center (WRRC)

The University of Arizona Water Resources Research Center (WRRC) promotes understanding of critical state and regional water management and policy issues through research, community outreach and public education. website: http://wrrc.arizona.edu/

wrrc logoSharon Megdal, WRRC Director

(520) 621-9591   smegdal@cals.arizona.edu
350 North Campbell Ave. Tucson, AZ 85719