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SWES 415/515 Translating Environmental Science.

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ENVS 470/570  Soil Physics 

The ENVS 470/570 “Soil Physics course provides the theoretical and practical basis for understanding and quantifying physical and hydrological properties of soils. We focus on hydro-physical processes taking place near the Earth's surface emphasizing mass and energy exchange, and transport processes in saturated and partially-saturated soils at multiple scales. The coupling with the atmosphere and the role of plants in the hydrological cycle will be studied. We will review modern measurement methods and analytical tools for hydrological data collection and interpretation.


ENVS 495F/595F Conservation Biology: Field Studies in Nambia

The course takes graduate and undergraduate students to Namibia for six weeks where students are exposed to a multitude of unique experiences, including meeting foreign scientists and conducting independent research projects. It  is offered through the University of Arizona Study Abroad and Student Exchange Program.


ENVS/HWR/ABE 605 Modeling of Mass and Energy Flow in Soils

The ENVS/HWR/ABE 605 “Modeling of Mass and Energy Flow in Soils” provides the theoretical and computational basis for understanding and quantifying (coupled) transport of heat, gas, water, solutes and colloids in saturated and unsaturated soils. The course focuses on the physical, chemical and biological principles that control and drive the transport processes in one, two or three dimensions. “Hands on” training is an important aspect of this course with about half of the contact hours reserved for in-class use of state-of-the-art computer codes (HYDRUS 2D/3D) to model transport processes in soils.