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UA Access--Password protected service that allows you to access your personal information at the UA

Cat Card Office--Contact tihs office to obtain required student ID

Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students

Travel Awards: IE offers funding of up to $500 per student for graduate students to travel
to meetings, workshops, conferences, or symposia to present their research, or to do
fieldwork. Funding is still available for Fall 2015 travel. The application period for Spring
2016 travel will soon be announced. Go to

Carson Scholars Program: This IE-housed program offers one-year, $5K scholarships to
PhD students committed to interdisciplinary environmental research and communication. In
addition to the stipend, students receive extensive training in science communication and
opportunities to practice their new skills. The program has recently moved to a calendaryear
schedule; the 2016 recipients will be announced later this fall, and applications for the
2017 cohort will be solicited in early fall 2016. Go to
CLIMAS Climate & Society Graduate Fellows Program: CLIMAS fellowships provide
support for UA graduate students whose work is focused on the nexus of climate research
and decision making. Up to four $5K fellowships are awarded annually on a calendar year
basis; applications for 2016 are now closed. Go to

International Students

International Student Programs and Services--International Student Programs and Services provides expertise regarding visa classification, status, and all necessary, downloadable ISPS Forms

Students with Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Web Course--Students must complete an on-line FERPA Web course as one of the conditions of employment.  They may contact either Julie Treanor or Judy Goosherst with specific questions regarding this on-line test: 

Julie Treanor, Senior Program Coordinator, and 520-621-519
Judy Goosherst, Program Coordinator, and 520-621-7785


Health Information

Campus Health Homepage

Immunization Requirements: Important information for all recently admitted students. ALL students, whether “domestic” or “international” must have verification of measles/rubella immunity if born after 12/31/56. If you were born prior to 12/31/56 you are exempt. You may still contact the Measles Coordinator at Campus Health by calling (520) 621-2384 to confirm that you are clear to register for classes. Immunization records must be obtained from your health care provider indicating dates of:
a) One (1) rubella vaccination after 12/31/79, and
b) Two (2) measles vaccinations, at least one of which must have been administered after 12/31/79.

You will not be permitted to register for classes without proof of measles/rubella immunity on file with the Campus Health Service



UA Office of Student Financial Aid

Tuition Payment Plan

Arizona Residency Information--For Current Students who are petitioning for Arizona Resident Classification