Consed is a utility used to view and analyze DNA sequences.

How to install Consed

These instructions will explain how to install Consed on HTC. Running Consed on HTC requires Xming X on Windows or X11 on OS X. You should also be familiar with how to download a file to HTC.

Go to the Consed How-To-Get page ( to get the download location. Don't click on the link to download it, right click the link and choose 'Copy Link Address' (or similar). You want the one that says 'for most Linux computers (i686, i386, EM64T, AMD64)'.

Go to the folder ~/opt: cd ~/opt

Make a directory for consed: mkdir consed

Download the file (note: I recommend checking the link above for the newest version):


Unpack the file: gunzip -c consed_linux.tar.gz | tar -xvf -

Remove the downloaded file: rm -f consed_linux.tar.gz

Then follow the instructions in the official Consed documentationto perform the specific tasks you need.

The Consed documentation contains more information regarding what features are supported in your version of Consed.