Janick F. Artiola

Janick Artiola
Associate Professor
Associate Research Scientist
Shantz Building, 515

Department of Soil Water and Environmental Science
The University of Arizona
P.O. Box 210038
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0038

Office Phone: 
(520) 621-3516
Lab Phone: 
(520) 626-3316
(520) 621-1647

1977-1980.  Doctor of Philosophy--The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721.
1974-1976. Master of Science--The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721.
1970-1974.  Bachelor of Arts--Drew University, Madison, NJ 07940.

Certified Professional Soil Scientist No. 1562 by ARCPACS since 1980.

1993-95. Selected member to Arizona's Comparative Environmental Risk Project Technical Committee.

1992. Invited member of the Arizona State Reclaimed Wastewater Rules Advisory Committee.

1987-88. Invited member of the Arizona State Technical Advisory Committee for Best Management Practices.

1986-87. Peer reviewer of the Love Canal soil and air sampling plan.

7/'93-present.  Associate Research Scientist with Continuing Appointment and Water Quality Specialist (since 2004), Instructor and Laboratory Director Water Quality Laboratory located at the ERL-Water Quality Center, Department of Soil, Water & Environmental Science.

4/'87-6/1993.  Assistant Research Scientist, Instructor and Laboratory Director. Soil and Water Science Department. The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ. tel.520-621-3516.

1/'85-3/1987.  Senior Staff Scientist, QA/QC Officer. K. W. Brown & Assoc. Inc. College Sta. TX.77840. tel. (409) 690-9280.

Dr. Artiola is a specialist in analytical, soil and water chemistry. His research experience includes; movement and attenuation of metals and phenols in soils, management of landfill leachates, municipal sludges, and land treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous petroleum refinery and oilfield wastes. Dr. Artiola has also worked as a consultant and peer reviewer on a variety of waste management, hazardous waste evaluation and cleanup programs for industry and government agencies. He has co-authored several publications in research journals, has a professional certification (ARCPACS) and is a member of the Soil Science Society of America (SSSA) and the American Chemical Society (ACS).

Research interest include: Soil, water and waste analytical and environmental chemistry, land treatment of hazardous and municipal wastes, waste management, development of strategies for the revegetation of flue gas wastes and mine tailings, development of in-situ leaching and chemical treatment techniques for the remediation of metal contaminated soils. Reclamation of saline soils. Removal of natural organic matter during Colorado River water recharge. Effect of water quality (salinity) on the leaching of organic carbon from agricultural soils in semi-arid climates. Characterization and use biochar (wood charcoal) to improve soil properties of alkaline soils.

SWES 505 Advanced chemical analysis of soil, water and plants, Spring 1992,93,94,95,96,97,98,99.

SWES 530 Environmental Monitoring & Remediation Fall 1994 to 2008, Spring 2009,2010

UNVR 195a Water Quality and the Environment Spring 98,Fall 99, Spring 01 to 08, Fall 09,10.

Books, Chapters

2009. Uhlman, K., C. Rock, and J.F. Artiola. Arizona Drinking Well Water Contaminant. University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Bulletin #AZ1503.

2009. Uhlman, K., and J.F. Artiola. Arizona Domestic Wate Wells. University of Arizona, Cooperative Extension Bulletin #AZ1504.

2009. Artiola, J.F., and K. Uhlman. Arizona Well Owner’s Guide to Water Supply. University of Arizona, Cooperative Extension Bulletin #AZ1485. 76 pages.

2008. Artiola, J.F., M.A. Chrimmins, and M.R. Yoklic. Doing our Part to Help Conserve Arizonas Water Resources and Reduce Global Warming by Saving Energy at Home. University of Arizona, Arizona Cooperative Extension Bulletin #AZ1458.

2007. Artiola, J.F., and M. Ramirez. Chlorinated Solvent Contaminants in Arizona Aquifers. Part II: Innovative remediation methods and site characterization strategies. University of Arizona Superfund Basic Research Program-Translation Core. SciTranfer, Issue 002. October 2007.

Journal Articles

2009. Akram Qazi, M., M. Akram, N. Ahmad, J.F. Artiola, and M. Tuller. Economical and environmental implications of solid waste compost applications to agricultural fields in Punjab, Pakistan. Waste Management 29:2437-2445.

2009. Artiola, J. F. and J. L. Walworth. 2009. Irrigation water Quality Effects on Dissolution and Leaching of Organic Carbon from a Semi-arid, Calcareous Soil. Soil Science 174:7, 365-371.

2009. E.P. Glenn, C. Mckeon, V. Gerhart, P.L. Nagler, F. Jordan, and J.Artiola. Deficit irritation of a landscape halophyte for reuse of saline wastewater in a desert city. Landscape and Urban Planning. (89),57-64.

2008. S.A. O Shaughnessy, I. Song, J. F. Artiola, and C. Y. Choi. Nitrogen loss during solar drying of biosolids. Environmental Technology, Vol 29. 55-65.

2006. Carroll, K.C., J.F. Artiola, M.L. Brusseau. Transport of molybdenum in a biosolid-amended alkaline soil. Chemosphere. 65:778-785.