Our Research Staff

Mary Kay Amistadi
Director, Chorover Lab & ALEC (Inorganic Chemistry)
Affiliated with Chorover Research Group & Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants (ALEC)
Gould Simpson 828, Shantz 518
(520) 626-9965
Jeffrey Bliznick
Senior Staff Technician
Affiliated with Pepper Research Group
WEST Center
(520) 626-2461
Natalie Brassill
Extension and Research Assistant, Lab Manager
Affiliated with Rock Research Group
Maricopa Agricultural Center 37860 W. Smith Enke Road Maricopa, AZ 85138
(520) 374-6268
Research Technician
Affiliated with Chorover ALEC Research Group
Gould-Simpson 828
(520) 626-9965
Research Specialist
Affiliated with Walworth Research Group
Shantz 511
(520) 576-8051
Principal Research Specialist
WEST Center
Research Specialist
Affiliated with Chorover Research Group
(520) 621-9493
David Moore
Research Specialist Principal
Affiliated with Dr. Ed Glenn
(520) 626-3322
Research Technician
Affiliated with Dr. Charles Gerba, WEST Center
WEST Workstation 6
(520) 621-6910
Research Specialist
Affiliated with Ramirez-Andreotta Labs
Saguaro Hall 321
Bruce Russell
Program Coordinator
Affiliated with AZMAT
Saguaro Hall 320
(520) 621-9742
Research Specialist
Affiliated with AZMET Program
Saguaro Hall 320
(520) 621-9742
Research Specialist
Affiliated with Dr.'s Artiola & Walworth
Shantz 523
Research Specialist, Senior
Shantz 416
(520) 237-6563
Research Specialist Senior
Affiliated with Dr's Pepper and Gerba
WEST Center
(520) 621-5988