Alumnus Lincoln Perino

Lincoln Perino

After receiving a bachelor’s degree from the SWES Department with an emphasis on Sustainable Land and Water, Lincoln Perino started his own business in 2012: Ethos Rainwater Harvesting and Erosion Control.

Here are some of Perino’s survey comments.

Current Job Description:

 Ethos is just starting to grow so I find myself in the field most days of the week and in the office when I’m not. I manage the company and develop new programs and systems.  I also teach classes on rainwater harvesting and greywater, primarily for the SmartScape program at the Cooperative Extension and for a program through Tucson Clean and Beautiful called YARDS, for Youth Achieving Resource Development Skills.

 Insights Gained from SWES

Well, I may not have found my way to this path without SWES 201 (a course in Residential Rainwater Harvesting taught by James Riley, (now retired). Who knew you could do science and play in the “dirt” at the same time? Dr. Riley is the primary reason I am where I am today. Water has always been an interest of mine and having the opportunity to take the rainwater harvesting course opened my eyes to something that was missing from the community’s awareness.

Advice to Current SWES Students

Get involved with clubs and volunteer for things.  Though I think I overextended myself constantly, the people that I met through clubs and projects are people who I have worked with professionally o rhave made connections for me. Don’t pass up free food, there’s almost always some on campus if you look hard enough














Ethos Rainwater Harvesting and Control:

Ethos facebook page:











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