Dr. Joseph "Joey" Blankinship

Dr. Joseph Blankinship


Dr. Joseph Blankinship

Assistant Professor

Soil, Water and Environmental Science


Email: jblankinship@email.arizona.edu


Research Focus

Soil is fundamental to human survival for food production, climate change mitigation, and other ecosystem services. Therefore, I am working to develop innovative, sustainable solutions for maintaining and enhancing soil health by considering the whole gamut of biological, chemical, and physical processes. I use a mechanistic approach to ecosystem science by studying interactions between soil organic matter, water, and microorganisms. I want to understand how micro-scale processes in soil relate to global-scale patterns that influence—and are influenced by—human activities. My areas of interest include soil microbial ecology, biogeochemistry, carbon sequestration, plant-microbe interactions, climate change effects, greenhouse gas accounting, nutrient cycling, next-generation organic fertilizers, soil water management, drought adaptation, rangeland and forest management, regenerative agriculture, and restoration of degraded arid systems.