Mara Rembelski, SWES Environmental Science Unergraduate Student

Mara Rembelski

Mara Rembelski is an undergraduate student studying environmental science with an emphasis on land, air, and water.  She is currently working toward the completion of her undergraduate Honors College thesis under the advisement of Dr. Craig Rasmussen in the UA Department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science.  Mara first joined Dr. Rasmussen's pedology lab during January 2015.  She completed an honors independent study project quantifying the energetics of soil development in the Sierra Nevada.  She continued to work in the lab as a NASA Space Grant intern beginning in fall 2015. 

Mara's current research focuses on the surface soil geochemistry of local rainwater harvesting basins.  This research synthesizes issues in both urban hydrology and soil science.  Local water-harvesting infrastructure around Tucson is becoming increasingly important as water resources are compromised in the face of drought and climate change in the Southwest.  Mara's research explores how contaminants in urban water runoff might be influencing the soils lining local water detention basins.  Her research also aims to determine strategies for cleaner water harvesting through the application of soil amendments such as biochar.


Mara plans to complete her B.S. in environmental science during summer of 2016.  In the fall, she will begin working on a M.S. degree in natural resources.