Shana Sandhaus, Environmental Science Student

Shana Sandhaus

Shana Sandhaus is an Environmental Science major in the Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP). She is a senior, and as a student in the AMP, is taking graduate-level courses for graduate credit. Shana’s masters work will be in Dr. Monica Ramírez-Andreotta’s lab, where she will be working on the Gardenroots program developed by Dr. Ramirez. Gardenroots is a collaborative, co-created citizen science program designed to engage community members in contaminated areas. In the Gardenroots’ program citizen scientists grow vegetables in community gardens. Samples of these vegetables, as well as soil, water, and dust samples, are sent in to be analyzed for contamination. Results are then reported back to the citizens. Shana is studying motivations of participants to engage in citizen science programs, as well as changes in knowledge and efficacy for environmental action as a result of the program. The Accelerated Master’s Program is designed so that classes can be taken in undergraduate years for graduate credit, and Shana has been in the program since the fall semester.

Shana’s previous research experience is as a Biosphere 2 intern where she worked on the “Rockubators” project studying the effects of biological treatments on carbon and nitrogen retention in early soils. In addition, Shana took part in the Undergraduate Biology Research Program’s Prozkoumat! Program. The program took place in České Budĕjovice, Czech Republic, at the Institute of Parasitology at the Czech Academy of Sciences. There she studied the causative agent of Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, and its distribution in the area.





published March 2016