Undergraduate Elizabeth Eaton Shares Her Study Abroad Experience

Elizabeth Eaton

Going to Costa Rica was an amazing opportunity to see and experience environmental science first-hand, instead of reading about it in a text book. It’s one thing to hear about the effects of climate change, and a completely different thing to be able to see it. In Costa Rica I was shown just how strongly the biodiversity of orchids had dropped due to fluctuating temperatures and winds. I was also able to learn about environmental policies and how the government balances the needs of the economy with the desire to protect the land. I was able to meet with a wildlife activist group trying to reduce the amount of roadkill by changing the way Costa Ricans think about animals. This group also helps build wildlife overpasses and underpasses to allow the animals to safely cross roads. The Costa Ricans challenged me to view the environment not just as this great entity, but as something with which I need to maintain a relationship. One of the people who opened my eyes was Wendy Cruz, a sustainability educator.  She teaches locals and visitors how to reduce their waste and to respect the turtles who come every summer to lay their eggs. There's nothing like being in a beautiful environment to learn about environmental science. 




Here are the three stories Elizabeth wrote in Costa Rica for:

Ecochronicle University of Arizona International Journalism in Costa Rica 






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Posted by Elizabeth Eaton ⋅ July 24, 2014

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Posted by Elizabeth Eaton ⋅ August 19, 2014


Elizabeth is currently an undergraduate student in Environmental Science in the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science at the University of Arizona. SWES thanks Elizabeth for sharing her study abroad experience. SWES also thanks Kathleen Landeen for her assistance with this undergraduate student spotlight.