Career Opportunities in Environmental Science


There are many careers available to those with an environmental science background. Some are clearly identified as “environmental” and others have titles that are related (such as biological, behavioral, or physical scientists, or engineers). All of these have in common the activity of “understanding” our environment, to prevent pollution or mediate pollution effects or to educate others about environmental issues.

Those related more specifically to pollution control include:

  • Air and water quality
  • Sampling and analytical laboratories
  • Engineering services and problem resolution
  • Environmental consulting and problem identification
  • Environmental site assessment and remediation
  • Hazardous waste disposal and transportation
  • Pollution control and safety protective equipment
  • Soil remediation
  • Environmental planning and design
  • Solid or hazardous waste management
  • Resource recovery or recycling
  • Environmental economics, training, and regulatory management or enforcement

Some titles that are typical for these jobs are:

  • Environmental Scientist
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Industrial Hygienist
  • Health Physicist
  • Environmental Health Specialist
  • Earth Scientist, Ecologist
  • Forester
  • Environmental Chemist
  • Environmental Microbiologist
  • Meteorologist, Soil Scientist
  • Environmental Lawyer
  • Natural Resources Manager

Most careers can be categorized into four major areas:

  • Education and training. university or college. Further specializations may be combined with environmental science. The range of activities include public/private schools and universities, public and private training institutes, and non-profit institutes.
  • Government. Federal, state, and local for environmental, natural resource, or health agencies, including developing risk assessments, policy analysis, regulatory development and enforcement, and basic scientific studies.Industry/Business.
  • Developing environmental technology products, serving as internal environmental control officers or consultants, or supplying specific business services to identify or solve environmental problems.Consulting.
  • Opportunities exist for environmental science graduates to participate in the solution of a wide range of technical problems with multidisciplinary teams of scientists and engineers

Sustainable Plant Systems


Our majors are well prepared for professional success in a variety of fields with broad training in the basic sciences, specific training in applied plant and soil sciences, and practical hands-on training obtained throughout their tenure at the UA.


Potential Employers and Careers:

Biotech Industry

  • Greenhouse or field manager
  • Research technician
  • Biological supplies product developer

Education and Academia

  • Professor
  • Extension agent or specialist
  • Technical staff
  • Lab manager
  • Researcher
  • School teacher or administrator
  • Horticultural scientist
  • Herbarium or living collections curator
  • Greenhouse manager
  • Greenhouse designer or engineer
  • Turfgrass developer or manager
  • Mycologist
  • Paleobotanist

Landscape Management

  • Landscape contractor
  • Sod and seed production manager
  • Sports turf (Athletic fields) manager
  • Golf course superintendents & assistant
  • Parks grounds supervisor
  • Testing or consulting service contractor


  • Science editor
  • Science writer
  • Technical writers

Professional Societies

  • Scientific society director, associate/administrator

Sales and Private Industry

  • Biotech or agricultural chemical and equipment sales representative
  • Nursery owner or manager
  • Plant pathologist
  • Plant disease diagnostician
  • Epidemiologist
  • Agricultural engineer
  • Environmental scientist
  • Microbiologist


  • Research director or administrator
  • National, state and local government, state conservation and wildlife agent
  • Agricultural inspector (USDA)

Science and Society/ Public Policy

  • Food Scientist
  • Soil scientist
  • Forester or urban forestry manager
  • Arborist
  • Soil and water conservationist
  • Botanical garden
  • Director
  • Scientist
  • Educational program coordinator
  • Government and private industry policy advocate
  • Conservation & environmental policy
  • Agricultural policy
  • Science policy



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