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UA Access--Password protected service that allows you to access your personal information at the UA

Cat Card Office--Contact tihs office to obtain required student ID


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International Student Programs and Services--International Student Programs and Services provides expertise regarding visa classification, status, and all necessary, downloadable ISPS Forms


Health Information

Campus Health Homepage

Immunization Requirements: Important information for all recently admitted students. ALL students, whether “domestic” or “international” must have verification of measles/rubella immunity if born after 12/31/56. If you were born prior to 12/31/56 you are exempt. You may still contact the Measles Coordinator at Campus Health by calling (520) 621-2384 to confirm that you are clear to register for classes. Immunization records must be obtained from your health care provider indicating dates of:
a) One (1) rubella vaccination after 12/31/79, and
b) Two (2) measles vaccinations, at least one of which must have been administered after 12/31/79.

You will not be permitted to register for classes without proof of measles/rubella immunity on file with the Campus Health Service



UA Office of Student Financial Aid

Tuition Payment Plan

CALS  Scholarships- How to apply for College of Agriculture and Life Sciences scholarships using Scholarship Universe

Arizona Residency Information--For Current Students who are petitioning for Arizona Resident Classification