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Congratulations to Natalie Robbins, the Fall 2016 Outstanding Graduating Senior for Environmental Sciences!

Natalie RobbinsNatalie Robbins is an upcoming Environmental Science graduate with an emphasis in Science and Policy. She will be graduating a semester early from her expected graduation date. She is currently working as a student worker at the UA Cooperative Extension's Garden Kitchen, where she assists with nutrition education classes. She is hoping to join the environmental consulting industry after graduation. Eventually, she would like to return to university to work on her JD Law Degree in Environmental Law.


Natalie is an active member of the University of Arizona Young Democrats and enjoys volunteering and networking with local Arizona candidates. During her free time, Natalie enjoys exploring Tucson's great outdoors by hiking and camping. She loves practicing yoga, gardening, and is an avid sloth-lover!



Student Profiles


Lydia Pettit-- Dr. Raina Maier’s Laboratory

I am a senior majoring in Environmental Science with an emphasis on Microbiology. While taking Dr. Maier’s and Dr. Rich’s Environmental Microbiology class my sophomore year, I learned the importance of microbes, and how they are essentially the driving force behind all life on Earth. I declared..


Darya Anderson, Environmental Science Student

Darya Anderson
Darya Anderson is completing her B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Arizona in the department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science (SWES). 

Her undergraduate research focus is microbial ecology. She is finishing her undergraduate honors thesis with Dr...



Jill Wallitschek, SWES Undergraduate Environmental Science Student

Jill Wallitschek
Jill Wallitschek is a senior in Environmental Science working on her undergraduate Honors College thesis with Dr. Ravi Palanivelu of the School of Plant Sciences. During her experience in SWES, she developed a strong interest in plant physiology and ecology. She...


Shana Sandhaus, Environmental Science Student

Shana Sandhaus
Shana Sandhaus is an Environmental Science major in the Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP). She is a senior, and as a student in the AMP, is taking graduate-level courses for graduate credit. Shana’s masters work will be in Dr. Monica Ramírez-Andreotta’s lab, where she will...




Mara Rembelski, SWES Environmental Science Undergraduate Student

Mara Rembelski


Mara Rembelski is an undergraduate student studying environmental science with an emphasis on land, air, and water.  She is currently working toward the completion of her undergraduate Honors College thesis under the advisement of...



Hanna Hard, Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Student

Hanna Hard
Hanna Hard is an Environmental Sciences senior who expects to graduate with Honors in Environmental Sciences in May 2016.  She holds a position as the Senior Lab Assistant in the SWES Integrated Environmental Science and Human Health Risk laboratory, ...