Dual Degree Programs

Journalism and Soil, Water and Environmental Science

The dual master’s degree program of the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science (SWES) and the School of Journalism comprises an M.S. in Soil, Water and Environmental Science and an M.A. in Journalism.

The dual degree will help fill the significant demand in the news media and other information industries for graduate students who have an educational background in both science and journalism. At a time when science is having a profound impact on political, economic and social institutions and values, journalists who understand the factors that shape the collection, evaluation and dissemination of information about science and its offspring, technology, are of crucial importance. News reports about issues such as climate change and evolution illustrate clearly how providing journalists with a cross-disciplinary education in science can affect decisions about how information about scientific topics is selected and used in news reports that become part of the global information environment. This coverage, in turn, has a major impact on discourse about science and science policy in this country and others.

Students who acquire the research background, professional training and knowledge of science and journalism make important contributions to discussions within news organizations about the ways in which information about science should be gathered and evaluated. They also help define discussions in the fields of science and journalism about the ways in which this information influences public perceptions and public policy, and, therefore, the effects of science on society.


Business Administration and Soil, Water and Environmental Science
Doctoral students in the Soil, Water and Environmental Science program may also earn a Master of Business Administration degree through the Eller College.  The MBA is a perfect complement for the PHD student who plans for a high level career in consultation and commercial industry.  Employers often need managers who not only understand the science, but also know the basics of business, management, and leadership.  Completing the PHD and MBA as a dual program offers a significant benefit of time savings.  The SWES dual program allows for unit sharing for a number of courses including the required minor, reducing the time to completion if attempted independently.  Active students in this dual program are responsible for the MBA program fee their second semester in the program, and half the program fee their third semester in the program.”


Candidates for dual degree programs must apply to both units.  They must complete an application form and pay an application fee for each unit”