Central to SWES is our multi- and inter-disciplinary faculty, research, extension, and teaching programs. SWES comprises faculty focused on basic and applied research and extension on the biology, physics and chemistry of earth's terrestrial surface and subsurface environments.  We apply mechanistic and quantitative approaches to the interactions of these fields and their intersection with land and water resource management – all critical to the land grant mission of CALS and the UA.  This allows SWES to serve as a nexus for interdisciplinary efforts, not only across the UA campus, but also in national and international efforts.

Core research programs

  • Critical Zone Science (CZS) is focused on Earth’s near surface environment where complex interactions among rock, soil, water, air, and living organisms regulate life.

  • Water Quality and Sustainability (WQS) includes preserving ecosystem services and water resources, and …..

  • Pollution Dynamics and Mitigation (PDM) focuses on understanding and mitigating contamination, and mediating natural and anthropogenic environmental impacts on human health.

  • Arid and Semiarid Agriculture (ASA) is focused on understanding and enhancing agricultural practices in the arid and semiarid systems of the southwestern U.S.