Charles Anthony Sanchez

Charles Sanchez
Research Scientist
Yuma Agricultural Center, Yuma, AZ

Maricopa Agricultural Center

37860 W. Smith-Enke Road

Maricopa, AZ 85239-3010

Office Phone: 
(520) 374-6274

B.S. Crop Science; New Mexico State University; 1980
M.S. Agronomy; New Mexico State University; 1982
Ph.D. Soil Fertility and Chemistry; Iowa State University; 1986

Present.  Director, Research Scientist, and Professor, Yuma Agricultural Center, University of Arizona.

1991-1996.  Associate Research Scientist, Department of Soil, Water, and Environmental Science and Yuma Agricultural Research Center (YAC), University of Arizona

1991. Associate Professor, Department of Vegetable Crops and Everglades Research and Education Center (EREC). University of Florida, IFAS

1986-1991.  Assistant Professor, Department of Vegetable Crops and Everglades Research and Education Center (EREC). University of Florida, IFAS

1982-1986.  Research Associate, Iowa State University

1980-1982.  Graduate Assistant, New Mexico State University

Develop and conduct an applied research program to solve problems of stakeholders in the low desert region of the southwestern United States. Also develop and conduct extension support program to complement research program. Research may include plant nutrient utilization, soil and water management, salinity, and fate and transport of agriculturally derived chemicals and environmental toxins.

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