Christopher Shepard

Christopher Shepard

Christopher Shepard is currently a Ph.D. Candidate working in the Catalina-Jemez Critical Zone Observatory (CZO). He was recently awarded a SWES Travel Award to attend the International Soil Modeling Consortium Meeting in Austin, TX. He is also the reciepient of the NASA Space Grant for 2017. 


Christopher's program area is Environmental Pedology and his research focus includes soil formation, evolution, and survival; critical zone science; biogeochemistry and digital soil mapping. His advisor is Dr. Craig Rasmussen. Christopher received his MS degree in SWES at the University of Arizona in 2014, and his BS in Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia in 2011.

Christopher was a teaching assistant at the UA in both large introductory environmental science courses for non-science students and upper-level laboratory and field based courses. For his teaching efforts he received the Fall 2013 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Meritorious Teaching Award.

His presentation for the travel award was titled: Probabilistic modeling of soil physical property change with time. His presentation was about the use of probability distributions to quantify and model changes in soil physical properties with time.

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Shepard, C., Schaap, MG., Crimmins, MA., Van Leeuwen WJD., Rasmussen, C. 2015. Subsurface soil textural control of aboveground productivity in the US Desert Southwest. Geoderma Regional. 4: 44-54.



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