Pedro Reynoso, SWES Undergraduate Student

Pedro Reynoso

Pedro Reynoso is an undergraduate student majoring in Environmental Sciences with a focus in Society and the Environment. He is interning this academic year at Tucson Electric Power (TEP) in the Environmental Services department. The department is located  at the H. Wilson Sundt power plant pictured below. Pedro has found interning with TEP to be a great educational experience. His daily work includes assisting with various programs under three main categories; air quality, water quality, and waste management. Throughout his internship Pedro has obtained an industry perspective of environmental regulations. He has applied what he has learned as a student in Environmental Science to achieve compliance at a power plant.

Pedro believes that one of the best parts about interning with TEP is the dynamic nature of the internship; one day he might be putting together reports for regulatory agencies, and the next he may be out in the field acquiring samples or disposing hazardous wastes. Another thing he likes about this company is the level of autonomy provided to interns. When a responsibility is assigned, the intern is trusted by their colleagues to adequately complete the assigned work and meet deadlines.

Interning at TEP has been an all-around satisfying learning experience for Pedro. Even though it is a paid internship, “the real value of working at TEP has been the connections I have been able to form with industry professionals and the way that it has helped me to apply in a workplace what I have learned in SWES”.