Major in Environmental Science

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Soil, Water and Environmental Science with a major in Environmental Science


Environmental science is the scientific investigation of human interactions with natural systems. The goals of the Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree are to:

1) Offer a rigorous science-based preparation for careers in environmental science

2) Prepare students for graduate studies in environmental science

3) Facilitate assuming a leadership role in academia, business, government, private organizations, or other career venues.

4) Provide the academic tools needed to address fundamental and applied problems related to human inhabited parts of the Earth.

Expected Outcomes

1. Be able to understand and describe the source and extent of current environmental pollution problems, and understand U.S. laws governing pollution and remediation.

2. Learn and integrate basic scientific principles involved in preventing soil and water degradation, and remediation of contaminated land and water.

3. Understand factors governing fate and transport of water and contaminants in the soil and vadose zone.

4. Have and appreciation and knowledge of the Earth with emphasis on a basic understanding of soils and water sources as critical entities in natural and human-impacted ecosystems.

5. Understand soils as natural entities and the factors of soil formation and erosion.

6. Understand important physical, chemical and biological properties of soils as they relate to their mineralogy, fertility, genesis and classification, biology and biochemistry, and land use management.

7. Understand important physical, chemical and biological properties of water with emphasis on water quality as it relates to human health, sustainable soil-plant systems and the preservation of the natural environment. (JFA Mod, Oct 06)

8. Understand how to properly collect soil and water samples, identify and implement appropriate analytical techniques, and interpret results.

9. Be proficient in writing a technical report or proposal in the field of Environmental Science.

10. Be able to create a hypothesis, design an experiment to test that hypothesis, analyze the results, and draw appropriate conclusions.