Student Organizations and Clubs


The Plant Science Club aims to involve students in life sciences and horticulture. The club gives students the ability to gain hands-on experience in the club greenhouse and become involved in community events and projects. Email:



Students for Sustainability is a program of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona student government that empowers students, builds leaders, and pursues institutionalized sustainability at the University of Arizona and within the surrounding community. We strive to achieve each of these through our growing framework of committees, which individually pursue their own projects and work to advance our mission at the UA.  We regularly recruit new interns at the start of each semester and welcome volunteers throughout the semester as well. We also offer graded course credit and/or a 100% Engagement Experience through the Office of Student Engagement.

SWES CLUB:  (Soil, Water and Environmental Science Club)

The Soil, Water and Environmental Science Club is a student run organization that serves to Build relationships between students and faculty, educate students and others about the environment, and connect students with professional organizations as well as the community.